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Reply Raspberry-Nunez, June 8th, 2016, 6:33 pm

I've been listening to vaporwave a lot lately omg, that has nothing to do with anything. I just wish Saint Pepsi's Enjoy Yourself was 10x longer. I have like really particular music I play while drawing certain characters.
When I draw Aurora I can listen to anything (one of the reasons she became the main character, originally it was Teru -Apollo's dad- then became Apollo and then I came up with Aurora and I like her so much lol)
When I draw Hikaru I like to listen to bloodhound gang and Gunter and the sunshine girls (probably my all time fave)
Apollo I mostly listen to nightwish,marina and the diamonds, within temptation, malice mizer, studio killers, Selena, Prince, vaporwave and the arctic monkeys .
Most of the other's haven't really appeared yet and so I won't give away there music before they even really talk much, except I gave away Hikaru's but he's had a lot of scenes already, I think. I'm excited for this chapter, but I've been in such a slump, I don't think I've eaten or slept since my birthday lol. Hopefully I'm better by the time this post.

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