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Reply Raspberry-Nunez, July 14th, 2016, 3:00 am

Hey, guys it's me, your local sad girl. I'm in like such a sour mood, to be honest. So I look at the fans and we lost like half of them, which to me, is tragic!!! I was so sad about it, I'm kinda over it now (I favorited it myself to cheer myself up- how sad!!) I'm still of course going to keep on writing like they're missing out! My co-writer wants me to stop doing author's comments but I really like writing them lol. they make me feel better, I think she thinks I'm still upset so doesn't want me to rant about it. We've been busy with so many things lately, it's kinda overwhelming but overall everything is great! I opened up my etsy like I wanted, Kira Kira Apollyon is still weekly, I have wonderful friends...etc.. I'm hoping to pump out at least 100 pages total this year, so that'll it take people longer than 20 minutes to read lol, I want to be done with the whole thing (not that I'm sick of it, I'm having a great time) It's just that I already know what's gonna happen and I wanna talk about it and stuff lol.

ANYWAYS!!! So I've been playing a certain incredibly popular app lately, I love it when it works, it glitches too much and kills my phone but I'm having a great time, I wanted to save up to buy the new game of the franchise but I'd also have to buy the console but this app is a great alternative considering I own no handheld game consoles currently. Another great alternative is that I bought new shoes (thanks to the money I saved for the console lol) and the shoes have the same design I wanted tattooed on my feet but my lover(is that what we are? anyways he's a tattoo artist) said that really hurts and like wears off, so I decided against that. Also my mom would kill me if I got a tattoo, I mean I'm old enough, but I live with my parents so I gotta listen to them.

Till next time! Love y'all, stay beautiful!

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