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I know why you're all here, my rants. Well though luck my dudes, I'm in an awesome mood I feel all pretty and in love and I ate a salad today so here I am getting my life together, yeah! Anyways what can I tell you that's not too private or embarrassing, people I know read this comic lol. My internet boyfriend apparently always has mints in his mouth and I've never been more relieved in my life. I'm never met him in person but once my friend had an internet boyfriend and he had such bad breath when they met that they broke up. So that's always been up there in my list of fears lol, mints sure relieve that fear, I wanna see him soon he's just the cutest thing on the planet and so sweet and talents and SUPER fun to draw! He's like my muse or something in a non roleplaying way. I'm sure my co-author is sick and tired of me talking about him tbh. I'm sure you reading this at home is getting tired of it too. I'm sorry I keep posting really late on the bright side I have a bunch of pages lined up. My co-author who does most of the painting got a job and so it's been more work for me, bummer :^/ but she bought me a sweater to make up for it I guess lol. I'm so excited to get it =, it's a vintage 80s rose knit sweater I love those, those and vintage adele knitwear. I collect both and I love them dearly. Aside from drawing and being able to astral project I have a third talent which is to find rare items from the 80s. I just need to think of an item and give me like a month. The only thing I'm having trouble with is this pink panda sweater by Adele knitwear I haven't been able to find it and it's been like 2 years? I was homeless when I started collecting sweaters... somethings sound really odd when you recall them. Anyways that sweater really pulled me into sweater collecting. That was also when the finalized rough draft of this comic was getting some footing, I was finding myself and I was a very negative soul in that wanting to die kinda way but having a terrible time made me really appreciate everything our beautiful planet has to offer. I thought of the important things, realized what matters to me, love, nature (there was like 2 or 3 lunar eclipses in that time and I happened to be by the water when I saw them oh boy), self worth, warm thing, people (even those I dislike), loving those around you, food, family who loves you, and the importance of a home. I look back and I hope I can convey those things I learned in this comic. I was a really negative and bad person, I'm learning to radiate love and happiness and I think anybody can learn that I just want to help people like that, make them smile make them soft even? I'm a bit of a crybaby so even if I just got to one person ever in my life whether through my comic or art or person I'd cry lol. Thanks for reading all this. I love you all.

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