September 9th, 2016, 5:12 pm

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Eros' halter top doesn't belong to him
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Reply Raspberry-Nunez, September 9th, 2016, 3:35 am

hey yaaaa hey ya heeey ya oh oh. Hello pals, so I told y'all my co author got a job so it's just been me here, tragic. I'm over it but what I'm not over is that I finished all the katamari games I got!! I'm so sad! What am I supposed to do after school? I guess I'll go back to being a mall babe? Idk my co author got a job so I don't even know if she'll wanna hang out at the mall anymore :// her job has annoying hours and we share a car so it's been just terrible lol. I'm over it. anyways so I went to the city last week or this week? I honestly don't remember, you may or may not know this but I have no concept of time.. Anyways so I was at the city and so I bought a very very cute peignoir it has little strawberries and is SO Aurora, so me and this drag queen (they were the store clerk) start chatting and they invite my sister and I to there show so I'm like "yeah, cool that sounds awesome!" the next day I'm like telling my brother about my shopping spree in the city (I love shopping when I'm sad, it's uncontrollable) and so like I get out the things I bought and a flyer for the drag show falls out and my brother picks it up and he like immediately starts yelling at me about it and how it's near where the BDSM clubs in the city are and how they're gonna drag us into a "lecherous" bdsm circle and how they're all disgusting people or whatever you see the thing here is I got a few points here, first of all that's pretty ugly of him to assume that all gay things are like sexual? I was told it was a pretty clean show, secondly like I wouldn't know it's near the BDSM clubs? Like i've been told where they are and stuff? I have a few friends who are into that but no way in hell am I saying that to my brother and thirdly since when did he care about my safety at clubs and stuff? Every Time I've told him about shit that's gone down he's been like "lmao that's not my problem" but whatever. I'm just kinda pissed at him or something... smell y'all later, sorry to leave on a sour note, I wanna go to bed.

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Reply T.N.Roze, September 9th, 2016, 3:47 am

About my Job I'm very tired, on my free time I've been trying to get some painting in for the comic, I'm enjoying the extra money, but debating if I should quit, because I'm only being paid $11.50 and getting closing shifts. T_T

I'm very scared of parking lots at night and it doesn't help that now there's this large patch of the parking lot at work that is blocked off so you HAVE to park about a 6 minute walk from the entrance. And like it horrifies and my employers are being very inconsiderate towards this very real fear of mine and they won't even give me jury duty off, so yeah I'm quitting you legally have to give someone jury duty off and if they won't do it, that's shady.

On a side note I saw a guy at work that looked like Hikaru and he was even short like him so it really was really cool. Hikaru is one of my faves, I sometimes wonder who's the fan favorite lol, but like also idk if there's enough content out yet to judge that

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