September 16th, 2016, 6:46 pm

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Reply Raspberry-Nunez, September 16th, 2016, 4:10 am

Hey yo! I'm in such a weird mood??? Like I don't even know. So as you may or may not have gathered I collect vintage sweaters, well I'm particularly looking for a certain anyways. So I go to the post office and apparently somebody posted it in that time AND sold it so I TOTALLY miss it, I'm devastated about that. But like I'm in a good mood because I feel really loved? It's strange for me to feel like anything but an afterthought or burden. My best friend moved far away like last year and I haven't seen much of her, I see her on holidays and stuff but I miss her to death, thing's aren't the same without her, I've lately been feeling like she doesn't think about me much but I've been so sad without her here, everyone else(my other friends) left too but she's not everyone else, but she posted a picture of me and sister and went into how much she misses me and I'm really touched. I really thought I didn't matter anymore and I'm glad she's all sad about me (sounds messed up, I know)
Another thing that has me all emotional is my darling lover, I truly do love him, it's outrageous, he lives so far and I want to see him. I feel like everyone I love is way too far and I don't even have the motivation to leave my house. My darling lover, my dear he sends me all these beautiful pictures and things and he go on about how much he wants to see me, how far I am from him, he wants me close and it breaks my heart, but I'm glad because I feel the same way about him except I'm bad with words. I genuinely feel loved by him. The thing that really got me is that he apparently set a pic I sent him when he was sick as his wallpaper, that just felt really sweet to me? He's really cool honestly and such a dork too tbh. I want him close to me, I want my best friend close to me, I want that sweater I'm looking for close to me. You know that theory that everything in space is slowly drifting apart and that everything will freeze over? I hope it's not real because I'd hate for that to happen to my life. I feel so loved but I'm so sad that it's because I'm missed. I'm sorry this became my public diary lol, but my sister hates it when I vent about my love life and always makes our heart-to-hearts about her feelings (she's usually more stressed than me so I let her but yeah) and I already said I don't really leave my house so I don't have anyone else to talk to.

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