December 30th, 2016, 4:37 pm

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AHHHH!!! I'm sure you're all very curious to hear about my life lets see... I had a mental breakdown a few weeks ago, I can't remember if I posted about that but I've been keeping to myself since. Fun things I've done since then...lets see... I sent a letter to my friend that read "Play the caramelldansen at your wedding" but turns out I had the wrong address and some unknown texas will get my beautifully decorated letter. I also had a very very nice Christmas, it was a very lively Christmas, christmases always feel very lonely to me so this was nice :^)
I got a polaroid and I'm sooo happy!! I remember being very sad when I was little and we couldn't find film anymore :^( so I'm really glad polaroids are a thing again!!! I'm gonna use them to take pics of my internet friends! I saw one of them at the mall, so she had her pic taken and I'm so happy! I'm in a good mood, especially since this year is almost over, it's been a sad year for everyone I know so I'd like everyone to take care of themselves and have a better year next year. This is my last update this year??? Incredible, last year's last update I was in Reno I think, and I was barely finishing chapter 1, this year I'm almost finishing off chapter 4? We've come a long way but sadly not long enough!! I'd like to be on chapter like ummm 10 by now but a part of me knows that when I'm done drawing all this I'd be incredibly lost lol. I have about 30 or 40 chapters (depending on how many I decide are pure "fluff" or "filler and cut out) total planned, so let's see we're a good portion done with the comic? No! We barely introduced some concepts maybe I'll never finish!!! Sometimes in these authors comments I find it really hard to keep myself from spoiling things... I forget what I have and haven't said in the comic yet. I will give one spoiler here; The year 2325 is Canada is now known as the kingdom of Neo-Quebec, the rich live in the sky? Look out for Canadians???

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