May 12th, 2017, 6:19 pm

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Reply Raspberry-Nunez, May 11th, 2017, 8:35 pm

Hey!!! First of all! I'm really fucking sorry!! I sprang my wrist so there might be a slow down, thank you for being so patient and your continued support! Anyways, it's not my like dominate wrist I sprang but like I tend to use my other one to hold rulers in place and stuff so yeah, maybe I'll get my co writer to hold them for me holy shit. In other news I'm making a statue of Apollo and it looks so silly on my desk and it's for class and I'm kinda embarrassed lol. I gotta do a thing for class and I asked if I can work with my webcomic and the prof was all like "yeah" so I'm doing like character charts and reference sheets but I won't show you guys tbh because it's spoilerific. I'm kinda working on the series in 3 chunks if you will, this right now is the first chunk, what I'm doing in class is the second chunk. I might share the stuff I'm doing in class when we get there in the actual comic. BTW my class thinks Apollo is cool :^) I'm kinda proud.

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