November 10th, 2017, 4:14 pm

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Aurora vibes is leaving a guy for his better looking uncle. WE actually redid this page, it was really ugly~ We were both very busy.. I'm hoping we don't get slowed down with thanksgiving because we both work retail, I can't wait until then tho. My internet friend (who I totally .. probably.. yeah I have a crush on) is visiting me soon!!!!!!!!! *screams* I hope he smells like mints and cologne~

Speaking of smells, let's discuss the kira kira character smells, in order of the character's conception

Teru (Apollo's dad) I think he'd smell like corn chips and laundry.
Anna (Apollo's mom) I don't think she has a smell, I think only her hair smells like anything and it smells most like pomegranates
Apollo smells like, flowers and sugar but it's a subtle smell strong jasmine scent.
Amaranth (Aurora's bracelet's) smells like well, amaranth.
Lord Achilles smells like christmas trees.
Hikaru smells like cigarettes and sea water but his hair is nicely shampooed so his head smells nice.
Juan smells like oranges and a soft manly cologne.
Aurora smells like dove soap, kinda on the baby powder type of smells.
Eros smells like axe and too much of it.
Miyuki (Apollo's sister) I think she's smell almost like wet dirt and clean
Prometheus smells like metal.
Prakasa (Aurora and Hikaru's mom) smells like hair spray and make up and baby oil. she smells like she takes care of herself
Yuchun smells like expensive cologne that's hiding the scent of sweat but he generally smells clean not pungent.

Thank you for reading!

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Reply Raspberry-Nunez, November 10th, 2017, 4:15 pm

I had this queued for 40 minutes from now but since I'm sick in bed (I got a fever boo!! I was hoping to go to the movies before work but looks like i had to cancel both) feel free to ask me silly questions

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