November 24th, 2017, 4:53 pm

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Reply Raspberry-Nunez, November 23rd, 2017, 3:04 am

thanks so much for reading! I just realized Prometheus's birthday passed and i totally forgot to mention it!! I think we posted that day too~~ I think that's when i was sick lol. So this week's story is that I spend way too much money on TOM (otaku mode) So I was all like "sweet the dress i've been eying is on sale" and then like "oh no only one left better place my order" so like I browse a bit like "yeah ok I'll add a few more things to my cart" so I did and I paid and shit but then like when I was going to bed I remembered like "oh shit I was gonna order a book and a figure from there" so I'm like "eh I'll do that tommorow" so the next day they actually go on sale (including the dress I bought, kinda mad about that lol) So I totally order the book I wanted but I fucking forgot to add the figure to my cart and so i place ANOTHER ORDER. And honestly if I just placed one big order I would have gotten free shipping and I feel ridiculous. Apparently though, it's a common problem because this was on there FAQ but they don't combine your shipping like that so boo!! Don't you just hate that? It's the worst! I hate forgetting things. I'm fairly forgetful.

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