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Hi~~~ I hope you've all had a wonderful week! I know I've been having a pretty good one, I met one of my long time internet friends which is always fun! What's not fun? The US post office, the tracking isn't working!! It's been like a month and the tracking numbers on all my orders are all not working, keeps leading to error messages and when they don't have errors they just like forget to update them until I get my package!? That doesn't really help :^/ It really sucks, I ordered a bunch of dream items of mine from Japan and I hope they didn't get lost but the post office has been weird.. I hope they're ok! Enough complaining, so is anybody else hyped for Valentine's day?? Last Valentine's day we introduced Prometheus to the comic and I'm excited for this year too. I was so excited to write that chapter and I'm excited to write the rest of this chapter and the coming up chapters too! This is actually a 3 parter which is why it's moving kinda slow, but I'm so happy with it. I didn't think we'd even do this story idea because it's a bit weird but it's kinda important to the overarching plot so it had to be done. I'm excited to see the plot move along. I'm excited to be with all of you when we reveal the plot slowly over time. Thank you all for reading! It always means so much! I live for comments by the way, so feel free to comment! Thank you!

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