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Yoooo!!! I quit my job, I'm pretty happy about that. Sure now I gotta go out and find a new job but my old job had too much heavy lifting and I had to clean the bathrooms every single night!!! I understand every once in a while but every night was too much for me. I didn't even get a discount on anything nice. I'm hoping to work somewhere where I actually like the stuff we sell lol. Ideally I'd just like to sell my art and stuff but that's ideally and probably not gonna happen. Hopefully one day I will be a famous artist or something. I'm gonna try to post a page for Valentine's day but it's unlikely but I'd feel wrong not doing something for Aurora's birthday. I'm so excited to draw the coming pages and also the next like 5 chapters are so fun!!!!! We've been lowkey talking about how the magic of there world works with the Alien's of there universe and it's been pretty fun, no concrete stories just more like fun facts and a few characters and lots of ideas for stories but nothing tied together or anything. There's one character who's related to the Kurosu's which is why I kinda felt like bringing it up but idk. I'm like.. "what if I do write it"?? So I wouldn't like to give anything away before we've even scratched the surface with KiraKira Apollyon. I think space magic would be very cool. In KA the world has gotten rid of lots technology because of the Alien Vampire Demon Mutant War but space has different problems and the popularity of magic I think would be lower than in future San Francisco or Neo Quebec. Maybe magic would be more taboo since they would have tech that does the same things in space? But I can't help but think how cool space wizards would be. Talking about space alien wizards made me realize that very few of my characters have facial hair ( okay sounds random but it's looking like hair's a big deal in space) , there's one character who was supposed to have it but I blanked when he actually showed up. Enough of my hoopla, thank you so much for reading! Have a wonderful Valentine's day! If you don't have a Valentine it's ok, Apollo can be your Valentine she probably thinks you're cute. I think the cutest character is... a later character lol. but I guess out of the one's who've appeared.. I guess let's wait a second.

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