March 23rd, 2018, 5:20 pm

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this weeks news is that my mom said I'm not allowed to become a nun. Also, I'm kinda lowkey been dying of a cough but it's cool. I'm better now. In other news I bought A LOT of Barbie Clothes and had tons of barbie clothes accumulated over the years that I was gonna sew onto a jacket but now that I'm trying to actually do it I can't decided how I want it all to work. The clothes! I can't figure out how its gonna be arranged and I can't figure out if it's gonna be painted or not. On another note we almost didn't finish this cause we got to the good part of Naruto and got VERY DISTRACTED. Because we were trying to figure out if Konan was sleeping with Pein/Nagato/whatever lmao funny what rewatching a show makes you think. Whats a show you rewatched and then realized something weird? I got so much news lol on ANOTHER SUBJECT CHANGE. My brother is moving out soon which idk how to feel about that, on one hand a clean house on the other hand I will miss him. I don't think he told my other brother but whatever. I've been working on a series of digital paintings lately, I really like them so far, they're for our other series (concept) about aliens and gods and birthrights it's a romance kinda I really like it so far but not even kinda as much as i love kira kira so it needs work lol. Thank you so much for reading!!!

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