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I'm back from rhode island. It was ahh.... very very white lol. Too white for my brown ass, I came home and have just been eating so much beans and rice and tortillas and aloe vera and boba and chow mein. the food is SO BAD there omg. I couldn't believe it, the last two days I didn't even eat because of how much i didn't like the food. My friend got married aaND IT WAS SO CUTE OMG!!! But rhode island itself oh my god. I'm glad to be back home in my beautiful state. I saw A LOT of my internet friends which was super duper fun and I miss them already!!! But I know I will see them again someday, this comforts me. This page was so last minute since I draw pages friday or saturday night and i was out this week and I'm happy with how it came out. I have a lot of work to catch up on now and apparently only like $9 in my bank account holy shit. Thanks for reading this comment and our silly comic, thank you very much! Also I really appreciate comments so feel free to comment lol even if it's mean stuff like "TIFFANY CAN'T DRAW!!!" or "Apollo's cheekbones have mysteriously vanished over the chapters!" something lol. (Actually Apollo has been on HRT and her face has softened because of it, I didn't forget about her cheekbones lol) Anyways thanks for reading!

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