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I was gonna go to a party to celebrate Snoop Dogg's half birthday (and my best friend's birthday) but then I saw a ninja turtles poster that said "say 'yes' to pizza. say 'no' to drugs" hanging above my desk and i remembered that's not my Nindō. So now at home- OH SHIT I GOTTA GO PUT MY LAUNDRY TO DRY!!!! BRB- OK!! i'm back. So I've been at home working on stuff, we had to finish last minute since we were both working on stuff for our storyboarding class. I'm still stuck on a project, I have these two OCs who i wanted to work with but I can't seem to shorten there story into words. it's like visual and I'm bad at describing things on top of that I KNOW I'm funny and it's weird working on something where i don't really wanna use TOO much dialogue or rely on dialogue. I'd love to learn how to show not tell but so far I've been a disappointment to everyone. I also been tempted to work with some later kira kira stuff or with this one OC I've had for YEARS! She was way way back in my original script for this series as one of the villains and she was always written out or written back in, in various drafts and i never really knew what to do with her but I'm attached (she's even in a prototype of this series that up somewhere on this site.) My co author says that this character is "waifu material" lol, she is a cute character, I've been kinda shipping her with one of the main characters of this series and it is TEMPTING AS HELL. She's probably gonna make it into this series. I'm leaning to not using her for my class project and I'm probably gonna use the OCs I mentioned earlier. They have names but in my script I called them "the goddess" and "the biker sorcerer" I'm kind of embarrassed because the script i turned into to class was mostly motorcycle noises sprinkled into what almost sounded like a fairytale if i didn't add motorcycle noises. However I'm a fool. Hopefully my professor doesn't actually read it. lmao. However I'm so in love with these characters, they're so cute. Also the script doesn't have enough of the goddess character and she's the fun one to write and the easy one to draw. I find that in all stories i write i tend to choose the character that is easiest to draw as the one to have as the main character. In Kira kira, Apollo was supposed to be the main character but it was easier to write with Aurora as the main but honestly it switches between the crystal guardians but mostly the girls. I think my favorite is still Apollo. Apollo has changed a lot over the years, like original Apollo was a little kid who worked in a tea shop and went on a quest to find there mother who turned out to not be dead and travels with an older man who turns out to be her biological dad who killed the space emperor or something. it was strange. She was written as a boy up until like a week before I started drawing this comic, we were writing and we were like "she's a girl" and she really came to life to me that way and that's when we started drawing, i think. OK I've ranted more than enough. Thank you so much for reading!!

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