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Hello!! We almost didn't do a page this week because I was really depressed and was flooded with midterms! But somehow (I remembered this girl I hate gave up on her comic and I didn't wanna be her lololol), we did it! Tomorrow (as this comic is posted) we'll be going to the museum of Ice Cream1!!! IT's my gift to me for my birthday but everyone keeps telling me I should do something else... I'm starting to get old and boring so I'm not very interest but we might do a karaoke night or something. My co author and I share a birthday and naturally, we make our plans together and so far our guest list is a few?random?people? We started hanging out with some swedish guy who hates ikea as his main personality trait about a week a go and he's the only person coming for sure !!!! none of my close friends are being cool about it at all... I think they don't care. That's probably why i don't care but i think that if they dont come to see me or ask me about it I will be CRUSHED!!! I think friends are very important and like family but they've been so flakey this year... I'm scared that I will cut them off. I cut off people too easily and I'm fairly unattached, I prefer to be alone than in bad company. That's probably why I'm always in my room LMAO

Thank you so much for reading! And hello to our lovely new fans!!! Thank you so much u give me the will to live!!

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